CuraTx™ System Advantages
• Completely Customizable to fit your business needs

• Web based secure access yields lower costs than on-site systems

• SaaS model ensures that system improvements and updates are added on an on-going basis at no additional charge

• As a subscription based software service your monthly fees may be 100% deductible during the current tax year*

• Flexible and agile enough to adjust to the ever-changing legislative and regulatory environment

• Simple and transparent pricing

• No “Per device” fees. Access your patient records anywhere, anytime, from any internet connected device. No special software or licenses to buy†

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The Healthcare system within the U.S. is currently struggling to modernize and move from a largely paper based charting and record keeping system to one that is completely digital. Despite government incentives the cost of implementing an Electronic Health Record (EHR) system is still too high for many small to medium sized providers to realize and stay competitive.

With startup costs between $150K and $1.5M or more for most enterprise EHR's adoption has been slow. Add to this the fact that user adoption is poor and retraining on proprietary systems is expensive and it is easy to see why estimates show only 20% of practices have implemented an EHR in spite of rapidly approaching deadlines to do so. The healthcare world is in desperate need of lower cost yet effective solutions.

Utilizing the recent advances in cloud computing CuraTx™ can now deliver full enterprise class EHR / EMR software solutions built on secure, familiar, well tested, and widely used Microsoft platforms.

Affordable Cloud Based EMR/EHR Systems

We provide the types of features that you would expect to get only in multi-million dollar deployments of on premises enterprise EHR systems at a tiny fraction of the cost. We deliver extremely robust, feature packed systems that are affordable for even small to medium sized medical practices, built on the world's leading software platforms from Microsoft, that are more secure and have a greater level of HIPAA Compliance than almost any other system you could put together on your own.

Secure And HIPAA Compliant

We have economies of scale on our side. We are able to employ both physical and data security personnel, security procedures, and data monitoring that you simply cannot duplicate within your own facilities.
Simply put our systems are far more secure than anything you could afford to deploy on your own. Learn more about our security features here. 

No Servers Or Other Hardware To Buy

Since we are responsible for all of the server hardware, power consumption, data transmission, and every aspect of deploying and maintaining the server farms and data centers, there is no hardware for you to buy in connection with a CuraTx™ system. This aspect alone can save you about $70K for even a small office deployment and a great deal more for larger deployments. 

Access From Virtually Any Mobile Device

For many practice types clinical staff are always on the move seeing patients whether in the same building or inside the patient's home these workers need highly mobile access to patient records. Our systems allow you to use virtually any off the shelf mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone, Tablet Computers, Smartphones, Blackberry, or Laptop Computers without any special software to buy! As compared to many other systems on the market this can save you up to $2200 per mobile staff member in the purchase of proprietary mobile devices, special software, configuration fees, and device license fees.

Familiar, Simple User Interfaces

There is almost no learning curve to our systems. Because we build our systems using the world's most widely used computer software like Microsoft Office even your least tech savvy workers are already familiar with the commands and interfaces. We like to say "if you can send an email or type a Word document, you already know how to use our EHR systems."

Specialized To Meet YOUR Practice Needs

While most EHR's expect you to fit your needs within their systems, we take the opposite approach. Every CuraTx™ system is adapted to your specific practice needs and unique patient population. Unlike most systems these adjustments take a matter of a few hours to a few weeks depending on your requirements.


CuraTx™ EHR's are designed to integrate well with other programs and components that you already have in place and to bridge the gap between components that you wish could "talk" to each other. This allows you the greatest flexibility to retain those components that you like, may have long term contracts with, or for which you have already made the investment. Learn more about how we play well with others.


Our development and design staff have over 25 years of experience in both enterprise healthcare and homeland security software design and medicine. We have the expertise to deliver systems that your clinicians will appreciate and even enjoy using.

World Class Reliability

As Microsoft Online Services Partners we not only build our systems from well tested, well supported, stable and familiar Microsoft programs such as MS Office, we also utilize Microsoft Data Centers to deliver our EHR / EMR Software applications.

Your critical patient data is only housed in data centers located inside the United States in state-of-the-art fully monitored server farms built by the world's leading software company and the leading provider of cloud infrastructure.


Affordable Small Practice EHR

Medical Records Archival StorageRapidly customizable Medical Software designed for Small to Medium sized practices allows you to run not only your patient care, patient docuementation and record keeping tasks, but also many back office fundtions like scheduling, inventory management, and employee records.

Our Small Practice EHR application is deployed ready for the small customizations that make this software completely conform to the unique needs of your practice.

You get the economies of scale of a cloud based EHR while at the same time enjoying the benefits of software tailored to your specific practice.

Medical Records Archives

Medical Records Archival StorageSafe, secure long-term storage for your patient records.

HIPAA compliant medical records archive application allows you to store your sensitive information in today's most widely compatible formats as well as tomorrow's.

Our Archive application will periodically update pt. record formats as new technologies emerge making ours the world's only Forward Compatible℠ medical records system in existence.

Hospice and Home Health Care
  One complete system to deal with Pt. care and record keeping, QAPI, Bereavement, referrals and admissions, pharmacist verification, most admin functions, and more.

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Behavioral Health
  Our Behavioral and Mental Health application offers everything from scheduling, patient assessments, DSM-IV, to billing, and our exclusive

Drug Seeker Detector


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Every Major Certification Already Met    FISMA Certified    Proudly Built and Supported in America!
Copyright 2013 by CuraTx™
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