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EHR Systems Built to Conform to Your Needs

CuraTx™ stands on the cutting edge of patient care solutions and the true delivery of meaningful use in electronic health records (EHR) with easy to use common sense systems that can be completely customized to meet your business and patient care needs yet are a fraction of the cost of less capable enterprise systems.

We are able to meet the clinician at whatever technical level they are comfortable in. From rank beginner to highly technical care providers, we feel there is no "one size fits all" solution. We address that issue by providing highly customizable interfaces. Each user can have a view of the system that fits their function, their work, and their technical comfort level. Even users in the same department can have different views of the same data. No other system we have ever seen provides that level of customization right out of the box.

We understand that it is our job to make our software conform to your practice, NOT the other way around. 

CuraTx™ Features:

Completely Customizable.  At CuraTx™ we brought in the world's leading expert on how your medical practice should run … You!

Our systems come with all of the standard functionality you expect in an Electronic Health Records and Practice Management Software Solution. In addition, we then work closely with you and your staff to customize all of the workflows, forms, processes, departments, interfaces, access rights, reports, and even the look and feel to match your particular style of patient care, administration, billing, and more. Because the system is already built, these customizations take just weeks (not years) to put in place.

Other companies want you to let their software engineers tell you how your pt. care should be conducted, and then they want you to pay them to train your staff in how to conform to their system. Why would you ever do that?

Familiar, Simple Commands and Layout.  Our high quality user interface looks, feels, and acts just like the programs and websites that most every computer user is intimately familiar with. If you can send an email, you already know how to use our software. Click here to learn more about User Adoption.

Ultimately Flexible Design.  Our infinitely flexible design allows for rapid changes, often within minutes, in order to keep up with the evolving needs of your users and to meet the ever changing legislative and reporting requirements. For example, when ICD-9 becomes ICD-10 the change over will take less than 1 day.

Connectivity.  Web based secure access allows you to access your pt. records, office files, and anything within the system from anywhere you can connect to the internet, at any time day or night, and with any internet connected device such as the iPad, iPhone, your Laptop, or your smartphone. Chances are you already have these devices so you won't need to buy anything special to get to work.

Beyond the mere fact that you can access your pt. records from anywhere at anytime, we also empower you to connect with your peers, your staff, and your patients no matter where everyone is located. Read more on our Connectivity Page.

Cost.  Since we centrally maintain the application on our servers and bring you the application in a Software as a Service (SaaS) model you gain some huge advantages in feature sets, continuous updates, and lower costs. Your IT staff won't be burdened with maintenance tasks since we take care of them all. In fact, if you do not currently employ an IT Staff, you won't need to hire anyone new. We maintain and update the system so the staff you keep on hand can concentrate on running your practice and patient care.

Deductions.  In most cases your monthly software subscription fees may be 100% deductible as a direct business expense during the same tax year they are incurred. Just ask your accountant for a tax benefit analysis.


Copyright 2013 by CuraTx™
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