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Military and Banking Level Security - Built Right In

The security of your patient's Protected Health Information (PHI) is absolutely critical not only to maintaining HIPAA Compliance, but also in retaining the trust and confidence of your patient population.

One major advantage that you gain with a CuraTx™ Health Software Solution is a level of security that in most cases would be totally cost ineffective for most providers using an in-house enterprise EHR. Even most large hospital groups will not be willing or able to go to these lengths in their security precautions for on premise servers and systems.

We house your data in the exact same world class data centers as those of the U.S. Air Force, The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Boeing, St. Jude Medical, and Blue Cross Blue Shield to name just a few, yet our EHR Systems are completely affordable for even small to medium sized practices.

All of your electronic patient records and office data is housed in a state of the art SAS 70 Type II Certified facility featuring:

Biometric Security Controls
Military Grade Biometric Security for Patient RecordsDid you know that the latest trend for data and identity thieves is to steal the servers, drives, and data storage devices containing all of your sensitive data, patient records and PHI?

Now more than ever it is critical to maintain the physical security of your data. No one accesses your data stores and servers without the proper authorization. We control that with complete biometrically controlled access rights.

Failure to comply with HIPAA regulations can result in both civil and criminal penalties that can become extremely costly. 

The level of precautions you take to guard against the improper release of a patient's health information helps to mitigate your liability.

We provide you not only with some of the highest grades of security available, but also with a full audit trail of access to your records and information. As technology progresses we constantly upgrade and review our procedures. We are ever vigilant.

Read this AMA Article on HIPAA Violations and Enforcement for more information.

Can your organization match these types of security precautions?  

Full Redundancy in All Critial Systems
Any proper Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Plan calls for redundancy in your critical data systems.

We know that most small to medium sized health care providers do not have the luxury of their own IT Departments, so we handle these mission critical tasks as an integral part of our medical software systems - helping you to ensure the integrity and retention of your data.

On-Site Network Operations Centers (NOC's)
Constant Data MonitoringThink of your Network Operations Center (NOC) as a scaled down version of NASA's Mission Control Center or a major switching center for one of the telecommunications giants.

In this case though, it is your data that is being monitored every minute of every day.

This is just another example of the service level achieved by our Software as a Service (SaaS) model that would normally only be available to the largest of health organizations.

Qualified Engineers on Station 24/7/365
Because issues rarely happen from 9 to 5 and when you are dealing with data that can be crucial to a paitents life you want your engineers at the ready 24/7/365.

Secure Internet Connections From Any Browser
We utilize 128 and 256 bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificates to encrypt the data that travels over the internet between your workstation, iPad, iPhone, Smartphone, Laptop, Blackberry or other mobile device. This is the same technology your bank uses when you need to log in to view your account information.

This opens up the access to your medical software to anywhere you can get an internet connection allowing you and your clinical staff the maximum mobility while still maintaining a secure connection.

As an added bonus our systems all come with the added ability to allow you to work offline and sync your work with the rest of the pt. record once you are in an area where you can connect.

Controlled Access Rights
We completely compartmentalize the access your clinicians and staff have to system information. Users can only see the information that pertains to their area of responsibility. You dictate who gets access to the varying degrees of information regarding patients, administrative areas of functionality, or both.

Seamless Security Integration
We realize that most people don't have in-depth knowledge on implementing these types of security measures which is why we build these features into our systems in such a manner that beyond the fact that you are prompted for a user name and password, most will never notice what is going on behind the scenes - and that is the way it should be.

Top level security features. Just another reason a CuraTx™ Software Solution built on MS SharePoint 2010 should be your system of choice.

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