Don't suffer from user rejection of your EHR Software

The best technologies in the world can be rendered ineffective and cost inefficient if you can't get your users to buy-in to their use.

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User Adoption
Think of User Adoption to the technologies you purchase in the same way that you would think of Patient Compliance. A tool (or treatment) might be the best thing for your practice (or your Pt.), but if you can't get people to use it because it is too uncomfortable or the treatment is worse than the disease, you will end up wasting both time and money.

You may also have to deal with the real world issue that your clinicians will do nothing but grumble about the lousy purchase made by the administration. You may also find that in practice the clinicians are still using older systems that they may be used to (like paper charting) and circumventing the new systems altogether.

That is why we at CuraTx™ take the approach of using only well matured, tested, and common technical solutions inside of our systems. These are the same tools, commands, and functionality that even base level computer users see on an everyday basis and even use in their leisure time.

Using your EHR shouldn't be any more difficult than surfing the web, sending an email, or typing a basic document.

By meeting your user population in a manner they are already intimately familiar with, we greatly increase user comfort in how they work with technologies while at the same time reducing the time (and expense) it takes to train users on how the system works.


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