CuraTx™ Medical Software Products
At CuraTx we build all of our products on a solid core of proven technologies like Microsoft Office and Microsoft SharePoint 2013 which allows for ease in user adoption

Hospice and Home Health Care
Hospice EHR Software    Welcome to the world's most flexible Hospice and Palliative Care Software Solution. We understand that while there are going to be many similarities between hospice care providers each office really has their own way of dealing with patient care, medicare, reporting, and administrative requirements. 

Where every other medical software provider delivers their product to you in a format they hope will fit your business model, we deliver the complete set of core features like Admissions, Referrals, and QAPI, and then work with you and your staff to create completely integrated workflows, processes, and patient charting to match your requirements. Best of all because we deliver our software solutions as secure web based software, the costs for this level of customization and service are only a fraction of what you would pay to build the system with your own developers.

In fact, our systems cost a fraction of other off the shelf Hospice Software systems, yet deliver a level of quality that is unmatched by our competitors.

Learn more about our Hospice EMR / EHR systems here.


Behavioral and Mental Health Software Applications
    The CuraTx™ Behavioral Health Software Application is geared toward Psychiatry professionals and practices who need to increase office productivity and provide better patient care, not just collect generic patient information not necessarily relavent to your practice in order to collect federal incentives. 

Our application is completely customized to meet your specific office needs and is not a simple repackaging of EMR software from other medical fields. 


Medical Records Archival Storage
Storage Solutions for Medical Records    How long do patient records need to be stored? Depending on your field of practice and pt. population the answer could be a lifetime. 

There are many requirements for these systems such as security, accessibility, transmission to authorized parites such as other treatment facilities, backups and disaster recovery, HIPAA and other regulatory compliance.

One major consideration in deciding where to store your records is the advance of technology. Technology will advance and new file standards and storage formats will emerge. This is a certainty. The problem that can arise when a long period of time passes is the ability to read older files with current technologies. Think of a collection of your favorite old music being stored on 8-track tapes. You still have the music, but you may have a very hard time actually listening to it.

Add to this the fact that there is still no clear winner in struggle over exact file standards for EHR and you could lose a great deal of money and be stuck converting to yet another EMR system down the road. Consider the recent high stakes battle between the HD DVD format and Blu-Ray. If you were one of those that had bet on HD DVD you could be out a significant amount of money and wasted time and now find yourself forced to make an additional investment in all new Blu-Ray players and movies.

This is why we developed the first and only Forward Compatible Medical Records Storage System. As new file standards emerge, we will periodically upgrade your files to these standards especially when the current formats are starting to fade from use.

This important insurance allows you to access your pt. records anytime you want, even in an uncertain future.

Protect your EHR investment with CuraTx™ Forward Compatibility.


Customization and Adoption to any Health Care Field of Practice
The core CuraTx™ platform can be quickly adopted to just about any field of medical practice from small primary care clinics to very specialized fields like pain management practices or pediatric oncology. The extremely flexible nature of our systems brings the customization time down to a period of weeks, not months or even years as is the current standard in EHR development. In fact, we have had clients tell us that when they came across us they have had their own EMR System under development for over 2 years and they have yet to see any working portions of the software.

Learn more about our Small Practice EHR systems here.
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