EHR Bridge
The EHR Bridge is a new and innovative type of medical software system designed to "bridge" the gaps in the different software systems currently used by a medical practice, facility, or hospital and to make them communicate with each other.

Almost any practice that utilizes software built by more than one vendor for different specific tasks has areas where they wish the programs they have would effectively "talk" to each other and share information can use this application.

In practice, these commuication shortfalls are usually dealt with through a series of manual tasks, often performed by different specialties, and result in numerous inefficiencies, additional workloads for staff, and even potential dangers to patients.

Enter the EHR Bridge

The underlying engine of the CuraTx EHR System is so powerful it has the ability to accept inputs from many different types of software, standardize it into a common format without the loss of data integrity, and then transmit that data to one or more additional programs that you may be running in your office.

This allows you to automate any processes that you want before the data is re-transmitted over to the other program, to create reports on any information coming out of any of the software systems you already have, to analyze any of the data coming out of systems you may have existing, etc.

As an example, let's take a look at the same two applications in use in an office as described above. With the addition of the CuraTx™ EHR Engine as Bridge Application information can now flow both in and out of all of the external applcations and they can communicate without outside manual intervention.

In addition, the CuraTx™ Engine adds the ability to create a Standardized Interface or page where users can see the data from each outside application and even make entries from here. We also add Reporting capabilities, Automated Workflows, and Business Intelligence (BI) reporting.

The CuraTx™ Engine can even monitor the health and function of the outside applications and alert staff to potential problems.



Bridge Application Advantages
  • You can continue to use existing systems, but with greater functionality
  • Bridge the gaps between the disparate systems at minimal expense (more cost effective than completely replacing all of the medical software systems in your practice)
  • Little to no learning curve as our systems are built on common Microsoft technologies
  • Allows you to complete any contract obligations you may have with other vendors
  • Should be far less expensive to deploy our Bridge Application than to pay the labor costs required to manually work around current deficiencies
  • Single Sign-On - in many cases we can create a single sign-on point for your clinicians and staff so that they can sign in once to access all of the different applications and areas in which they are authorized
  • Single Search - in a similar fashion to Single Sign-On our EHR Bridge can allow you to search all of your disparate software systems from a single point allowing you to more accurately locate all infomration related to a patient

Our SharePoint EHR application is delivered as a Cloud Based Software as a Service (SaaS) offering and so can be up and running in just a matter of days.


Request a Personalized Demo

Copyright 2013 by CuraTx™
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