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School Nurse EHR Systems
The CuraTx™ School Nurse EHR Application is an affordable alternative for school districts who need to move to an Electronic Health Records System, desire world class features and functionality, but are working within a constrained budget.

Built on Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Online the EDU EHR offers full enterprise class cloud medical records systems at a fraction of what might be expected.

Utilizing the additional tools that come with the Office 365 Suite like MS Lync Online, MS Exchange Online, and the latest versions of Microsoft Office we deliver a comprehensive set of tools that work seamlessly with your school's existing systems, require NO NEW HARDWARE, work seamlessly with mobile devices, and take full advantage of the economies of scale inherent in the cloud.

If your school is ready to move to an EHR system the CuraTx™ School Nurse EHR is the clear choice.
EDU EHR Advantages
  • Affordable
  • Secure
  • Direct Automated Reporting to State Agencies (i.e. Immunization Status)
  • Cloud Based - Always up to date
  • Track Required Training for Dispensing Meds
  • CME Training Library
  • Secure Parent Portal
  • Allow local providers to enter immunization records directly
  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliance Ready
  • Built on common and familiar MS technologies
  • HIPAA/HITECH Business Associate Agreement signed by Microsoft for your school
  • No Servers, Computers, or other hardware to buy
  • Track Student Health Screenings and any required follow-on appts.
  • Student Medical Records and Notes (SOAP or any other format you desire)
  • Built on MS SharePoint - the same software platforms as Indiana (and most state's) Health Departments
  • Secure Parent, Nurse, Pt. audio/video conferencing
  • Fully compliant long term records archive for graduated/former students
  • Export any portion of a record to a gaining school
  • Import Student, Staff, and Parent information from nearly any existing school software system
  • Fully integrated with MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, Publisher, etc.)
  • Integrated Nursing Resources (i.e. Davis Drug Guide, Merck Manual, any online publication to which you subscribe)
School EHR System Features
Custom Tailored Forms
Our systems are flexible enough that we can quickly match the order and exact data field names that already exist on the forms your school uses. For example the order in which items are placed on a student registration form. This speeds the workflow during data entry by eliminating the need to jump from one section of a form to another in order to record all of the information. In most cases this customization is made for you without any additional charges.

Student Profile Import

Import any existing student information, parental or gaurdian info, and other demographics from nearly any school database or computer system thereby saving many man-hours and ensuring greater accuracy of the system infomration.

Secure Parent Portal

Allows parents and gaurdians to directly enter student medical information, grant medical permissions, and even communicate with the school nurse via video conference when necessary.

Monitor and Track School Health Screenings 

Document the admistration of all required health screenings such as Vision, Hearing, Body Mass Index (BMI), Postural Exams, School and Sports Physicals, Dental Exams and any others that may be required by your state or your School District.

Immunization Hx and Compliance

System automatically compares current immunizations against your state's requirements
Built in automated reporting to school, state and local agencies. Proper notification is first sent to the school nursing staff, the Superintendent, and anyone else who needs to sign off on these reports. Once they give approval reports are sent directly to the State Department of Health and confimation logged in your EHR.
Ability to send alerts and information on how to obtain immunizations to parents of children who have not met the minimum requirements
Automatically check to see if the child has an exemption from immunizations before an alert is sent

Track and Document Student Medications

Quickly document the administration of any medications by the school nurse or authorized staff members (i.e. Diabetes, Asthma, or Anaphylaxsis Medicaitons).

Monitor Students with Special Medical Needs

Set up special alerts, tracking information, and even give staff advisories from directly inside your EHR regarding those students who have any special medical needs or orders.
Allow the student's regular physician(s) to enter medical notes or information for the school nurse direclty from their offices via a secure login.

SOAP or Progress Notes

Well formatted medical notes section allows the school to create notes in any format or style you desire from SOAP Notes to Progress Notes, or we can import your note forms into our system. Our notes are templated for ease of use without the over-use of template language. This allows ease of use while eliminating the liability created by churning out hundreds or even thousands of cookie-cutter medical notes.

Fully Customizable

The CuraTx™ System can be quickly and inexpensively customized to meet the exact needs of your school system. Most customizations can take place within a matter of just days and thereby create the most affordable and user-friendly medical software systems.


Copyright 2013 by CuraTx™
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