Custom EHR Software
Without the Custom Price

The CuraTx™ EHR Engine is designed to be quickly and inexpensively tailored to meet the needs of any type of small to medium medical or dental practice whether it be that of a General Practitioner to a highly specialized field such as Dive Medicine. 


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Small Practice EHR Applications

No matter your area of medical practice when it comes to purchasing and implementing an EHR system you really have two primary directions that you can go:

Build a completely custom software application or purchase an off the shelf EHR application.


There are advantages and pitfalls to either approach.


If you choose to build (or have one built) a custom application it will undoubtedly be completed tailored to your specific practice needs. BUT there are issues that many physicians have run into that primarily revolve around the fact that software is not your area of practice. Even if you hire an outside developer to build the application for you this can be a time consuming and expensive process. We recently spoke with a small practice that had a development team working on their own application for over two years, had spent well over $100K and they have yet to see one working portion of the system.


If you choose to purchase an existing system one major problem is that most EHR systems were originally built for hospitals which have completely different structures and needs from those of a small practice. While many functional areas will be the same, many physicians, clinical staff, and even admin staff report that the implementation is just too cumbersome to be truly useful. In short, you may have eliminated most of the software related issues such as maintenance, testing, and updates, but you have not really addressed the issue of usability within your specific medical practice.


Small To Medium Sized Practice Solutions

CuraTx™ systems can provide your medical or dental practice with all of the advantages of a pre-existing EHR system while still incorporating your specific forms, workflows, and practice needs. The solution is what is known in the software world as a Custom Off The Shelf (COTS) application.


What is COTS?

We provide a pre-existing EHR software infrastructure that is quickly and easily tailored to your specific practice needs. So the "Off The Shelf" portion is already built, tested, fully functional, and ready for us to add in those small customizations that make the system unique to your office, your staff, and your needs.

The best part is that the core software is built completely on well baked Microsoft Software engines that currently power millions of corporations both large and small, almost half the Fortune 500 companies, many hospitals, small practices, and has billions of users world-wide. This technology is called Microsoft SharePoint. (learn more about SharePoint and the other Microsoft technologies we utilize here).


What Can A COTS EHR System Do For Your Practice?


Ready Now

The core system can be installed within minutes and the customizations that your practice requires usually completed in a time frame measured in weeks and days, not months and years.


A Living Growing System

Your practice changes and grows over time. Knowing that, our systems are designed to evolve and change with you. This can be done in a cost effective manner due to the change timeline. What we mean is that changes take place rapidly within our system. The "change timeline" is extremely compressed as compared with custom software because of the modular approach that Microsoft has perfected over the last 11 years of SharePoint development. Changes to the system are created as small modular pieces of code which do not effect the core of the system. This means that changes, updates, additions, subtractions, can be made without the need to comb through many thousands of lines of code looking for potential conflicts or unintended consequences of a change. In a custom development environment changes can be a tedious, time consuming, and expensive process.


Cost Effective AND Built For Your Practice

Isn’t this supposed to be the entire reasoning behind the implementation of an EHR in the first place?


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