Technology in and of itself does not solve business problems. It is the intelligent APPLICATION of technologies that matters.

When looking at the business problems that clients present to us we have a wide range of tools that we can bring to bear to help them solve these issues. We like to think of ourselves as the most business savvy IT team you will ever employ. We always look towards the most efficient ways to bring the best return on your investment, the most utility from the tools that we select, and the greatest ease of use for those who will implement the system.

That is why we select and deploy the best of breed platforms and foundational technologies from which to build your Medical Software and Patient Care Solutions.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013

SharePoint 2013 is simply the world's most powerful document collaboration platform. With over 12 years of development by tens of thousands of software designers, engineers, and developers the product has matured to the point where its capabilities are the leading edge of today's technologies. SharePoint is already the engine powering the EHR / EMR systems in many hospitals world-wide. 

Add to that the cumulative feedback from millions of SharePoint users world-wide and it is easy to see why this is the current state of the art in document collaboration, workflows, communication, and business managment. 

At CuraTx™ we leverage all of these factors by using MS SharePoint 2013 as the foundation upon which we build our Medical Software, By taking advantage of the massive improvements in cloud infrastructure as a delivery and licensing system we have now made this technology affordable to almost any practice.

The chief advantages to you are the speed at which we can deploy the customizations that make each system the perfect fit for your practice, the stability of the platform, constant improvements and updates to SharePoint which we apply to your systems without additional charge. 

Microsoft Unified Communications

Communication. It is a critical factor in patient outcomes, business efficiency, and in maximizing the use of your precious time. 

Using a Unified Communications platform inside of our EHR Systems allows you to connect from directly inside your practice software to talk, text, IM, share images and video all in a seamless and secure environment.

We are employing the same technologies the U.S. Army uses to secure its communications with over 1.2 Million soldiers and support personell worldwide.

Microsoft Office

Our platforms integrate seamlessly with MS Office 97 through MS Office 2013. This allows you to more fully leverage the software that likely already exists on your workstations, laptops, smartphones, and even Mac's (over three quarters of Mac users have MS Office for Mac) and to integrate the work you do there with your EHR Systems.

Now with the addition of Office Web Apps your workers without MS Office can still collaborate on Office docuements like Word or Excel.

For many organizations this can represent a cost savings as well as more complete utilization of the resources you already have.

This also eases system adoption by continuing to utilize the programs and interfaces already familiar to your staff. 

Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access



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To learn more about our SharePoint EHR and how we have forged these components along with real world clinical experience into a single unified platform from which you can manage your patients, collaborate between clinical staff, manage your admin functions, and even your outside vendors

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